What are my fantasies…

2018-12-15 07:34:37

          As a webcam girl, I see a lot of people. We know what happens now depends on what happened to us before in the past and even early childhood. Have my fantasies changed that much since that time?

         Some people may say that I changed drastically during the last year, regarding my sexual preferences. But I would say that I just discovered the hidden for a while my core need, along with other. I can even tell that my fantasies don’t differ much now from the time when I was very young(regarding emotional and attachment side of course). Well yeah, my mind started fantasizing about the opposite sex very early, and even now when I have so many possibilities things I have in my fantasies still seem unreachable. Femdom became my addiction.

           I see a lot of submissive men and this interaction creates crazy and wild fantasies, which makes the vanilla kind or relationships look boring and annoying. Getting a lot of attention online and fulfilling wishes I could never try before made me stop dating anyone in real.                           Discovering new and new hidden spots in my own mind, and remembering things which were buried many years ago.. We look for those who can make OUR fantasies real. I am in the mood to smile and joke around my friends, male friends. I could always feel comfortable in a company of guys. I bring them together even if they don't like each other, but I prefer them to be friends too. As we talk and laugh and do all the nice things which friends do. And it is getting darker outside. Good that we bought a lot of drinks and food. To be continued..