Teamviewer domination

2019-09-30 21:23:35

Teamviewer session may include :

 Parental controls( Qustodio)
I can lock you out of your porn, your social media accounts, and control your life. Just for a session or for months, restrict your time on the internet and also monitor your calls and messages (Android and Windows10 are preferred OC, Linux only for Teamviewer not Qustodio and iPhone not for Teamviewer)
Setting a permanent password for me that I can access your teamviewer at any time.
Getting your personal files and infoGetting control over your social media accounts and posting there
Changing administrator rights
and Lockdown


I can turn the cam on your computer and watch you obey me, while I snoop through your files and humiliate you until I'm satisfied enough to unlock you.
Sending you to gay sites, or registring you there with sending guys your personal info.
Making you to perform humiliating tasks
Dressing you up
Recording you and make screenshots
Posting you on my Twitter or Pornhub

I can use our teamviewer session to drain your accounts using a variety of payment methods.
And more depending on our needs!

After you send this tribute you need to tell me your fetishes and limits. I always respect pre-negotiated limits. It is 100% fine to tell me that you do not wish to involve blackmail, being on cam, bank account information, or any other aspect of play. I maintain professionalism and not violate your limits.