Task wheels

2019-12-27 06:43:23

  You cannot choose what you deserve?

   Let a wheel of femdom misfortune decide for you!

We can use my task wheels, all discussing in texting( no longer than ten minutes after I confirm your payment), and I will  send you the video of the wheel spinning,  you will be given one hour to complete the task )

If you wanna spin the same task wheel, each spin + 10$)

Custom wheel 30$ discussing and playing( you send me the list of all the options you want me to include in one message, all discussion in texting no longer than 10 minutes total  and my video of the wheel spinning )


Humiliating/flash wheel(this one is 40$)


Shots/tease wheel (30$)


Tipsy bitch 20$


Exposure wheel 20$