Transformation program

2021-02-28 12:54:45

     So, you want to be caught. You want to know what it’s like to lose control, knowing someone on the other side of the world, someone you’ve never met, has information they could publish that would ruin you.

      I will collect sensitive information from you (name, address, pictures, etc with Teamviewer) and use the threat of publication and restricting your time on the internet to make you complete my tasks. I will help you if there are things you want to do but keep chickening out from (for some people it’s meeting that first man, for example; for others, it might be working towards being a sissy prostitute).

      At the outset, we will agree on a time limit for the game (I start with one week usually), and, where appropriate, targets for you to reach within that period. Providing the targets are met you have nothing to worry about.

      But fail, and all the information you’ve given me will appear on the internet for anyone to find and time and apps restricted depending on my choice!


               Do you dare to play?


                           Rates for the game :

1 session: Taking all your info, taking away your admin rights and installing parental control app 60$
2 you will be given daily tasks, you have to complete not to get restricted from using your PC or/and exposed 100$ per week
If you cannot complete a certain task, you will have to pay a buyout fee of 20$
 3 I will restrict some apps and websites and you will have to pay a fee to use them 10$ for 1 hour using each of them
4 I will get more and more information on you and make you complete more humiliating tasks till your full transformation
5 I will check and monitor your online activity
6 We can include chastity or home cameras too (Optionally) extra 60$
7 emails and calls to your wife/friends 50$ each (optionally )
8 buyout fee 100$
So to start it you have to pay 160$ for one week. All other payments depend on you and how you complete your tasks. You will have no choice but obey and become who I want you to be.