Teamviewer cash drains

2021-04-18 18:52:43

Imagine sitting in front of your computer watching as I log into your account and send Myself whatever the fuck I want. I am in full control of your computer…you’ve allowed for remote access, so I don’t need to worry about asking you to do anything…I now have the ability to completely control your computer. Your cock is rock hard…leaking. You watch helplessly as I literally send myself payment after payment. Once I am done getting the cash, you notice that I start going through your folders…seeing what content is inside. You wonder what I will do next. The answer: Whatever the fuck I want!

Remote access drainings are very popular in Findom. Apps like Team Viewer, RemotePC, Anydesk, LogMeIn, etc., are great tools for this type of session. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Sub provides details on how the Domme can connect via remote access (each program does it slightly differently).
  2. Sub opens various programs on his systems (e.g. Onlyfans, PayPal, Iwantclips, etc.) so the Domme, once logged in, can begin to send Herself cash tributes, gift cards, etc.
  3. Sub sits there and watches the Domme does whatever She pleases. Typically the sub is rock hard, leaking, and edging at this point.
  4. Often the Domme will also connect via Skype, Telegram, Zoom or Discord so the sub can hear Her laughing as She takes whatever the fuck She wants.
  5. To end the session, the proper thing for the sub to do is to ask permission to sever the remote access connection. This is done once the Domme feels satisfied with what She’s taken.
  6. Have a discussion about limits before starting the remote cash drain.
  7. Several Dommes and subs talked about how it’s exciting when the Domme mixes up the amounts She takes. Perhaps starting with $25, raising it to $50, dropping to $50, going to $100, etc. It leaves the sub having NO idea what amount will be taken next.
  8. It’s important to remember that when a Domme has remote access, She can also see other files on a sub’s computer including pictures, emails, etc. While some subs may welcome Domme’s exploration of these types of files, other subs may not seek that type of intrusion. Again, this is another reason why trust is so important in these types of drains.
  9. When a remote drain goes well, it’s something that can be repeated time and time again. That’s why it’s so important that Dommes walk the fine line between keep a sub excited but not scaring him with a massive/unexpected drain.

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