Chats and texting

2021-06-20 12:00:01

Texting 10 minutes  20$

Texting with gay pictures  15 min 30$

I will be sending you big white cocks, sissy encouragement, BBC, and more to make you crave cocks and become totally addicted

Texting with my pictures, videos, and audios  20min 60$

Texting with my audios or audio call 10 min 30$

Public chatting, humiliation, feeding you porn and sexy guys' pictures in front of everybody 10 min  30$ (I will add you to one group FOR FREE)


Adding you to two chats of your choice  20$

Choose from the list below:

1 VIP chat for my good boys where I sometimes send free zoom links to my group sessions

2 Exposure and porn feeding group where my good boys send loads of best sissy and brainwashing videos, Gifs, and more to melt your brain and discuss it with other boys along with many hot pictures and videos of the members. I spend a lot of time in those two groups domination my good loyal boys in public.

3. BBC discussion groups where cucks crave BBC for their GF and horny women worship Big Black cocks in front of white boys.

4. gay exposure groups where they can totally turn you gay as well. 

5. A shemale discussion  group 

6. straight chat group

 To get added to those chats or get a texting session you need to do:

1 Send me the money Best way is

2 Download Telegram

3 Add me on Telegram @Lesles5 or click the link http://

5 Send me the screenshot of your payment

Write what session or group you want!


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Do you have an iPhone and therefore access to chats and channels with porn content is closed?

    We found a way out!


1 Click on the below link and open it in an internet browser, and login: You can just scan the QR code on their webpage

2 Log out on the phone

3 Change settings, turn on 'show sensitive content' (go to settings, then Privacy Tab )

4 Log out on pc

5 Login on the phone

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