Findom fetish wth Teamviewer

2021-11-18 22:25:32


Financial domination, also known as findom, is just one of many sexual fetishes. And, as you can probably guess from the title, it involves money. Findom is also considered part of BDSM, with money functioning as the ultimate power exchange between two dominant and submissive consenting people.

A crucial part of findom that makes it different from other sexual fetishes or acts is that the submissive person doesn't expect anything in exchange for their money.

Even though a Domme may spend some of her precious time to control or/and humiliate her subs, making sure it isn't only monetary sacrifice. 

Tributes can be sent along with your sensitive info giving me even more control over your life. The more power I have the more you wanna submit and get ultimate pleasure from having no control in spending or over your info and pictures.

I can also send money to myself too after an initial tribute of 30$ on Teamviewer.




While financial domination is a sexual fetish, it doesn't actually involve having sex. There is absolutely no sex and usually no touching of any kind involved and even nudity. This is a submissive person giving me money because it gives me pleasure to receive it and them a pleasure to give it. 

And sacrificing money means giving up control, the ultimate way of submission.


What is the appeal of financial domination for submissives?

Financial submissives enjoy knowing that they are sacrificing their own resources for the pleasure of someone they perceive to be their Superior.  And many of them receive feelings of sexual gratification from sending money. For me, it's the ultimate power exchange, and gives me the feeling of full control over my sub.