Gay training

2021-11-25 01:02:28

I wanna manipulate and brainwash you into craving cocks for me.

I want to reprogram you into a total cock addict, brainwashed into looking for cocks all the time!

I have several sessions options to do that to you wink

1 Adding to my special chats.

More info here

2 Texting with gay pictures and my audios

3 Group Zoom session with my boys 

Always available with my voice for 60$ or watching gay porn session

for video sessions (my cam on) check this





4 Offering a wide range of exposure to train and humiliate you to make you accept your inner need to be a slut faster


5 Owning and deciding all for you with Teamviewer to add you to multiple chats, message to guys from your accounts, create Grindr and other accounts for you, expose you to girls you know to make sure you never get pussy (if you want that, all is consensual!), making you watch gay porn and making your PC girly as an option. Check new socializing feature and rates here