Another story

2018-12-15 07:34:07



   I decided to make a little surprise for Ben, I called him and said to get ready for me as usual. “Clean up for me, “I said, "then go to our closet and follow the instructions.”. He instantly stripped and went into the shower, making certain he was clean and ready. He went to the closet and was just a little disappointed. It was the same instructions as before. He was to dress up in my undies and bra and nightgown then lie on the bed and wait for me. He got dressed as I asked and lay on the bed.   As Ben heard me coming down the hall, he had a moment of panic. He could hear it was the second person with me. The door opened and he finally saw me and a new guy behind me, Mike, smiling. Mike knew what to do. He stood him up and pushed him against the wall, and he could feel Mikes nice long hard cock pushing against him. Mike and I pushed him to his knees.

“Suck his cock.”

Ben unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. He pulled them down, along with undershorts. Mike’s nearly perfect cock sprung up. The cock was down Ben ’ s throat quickly and Mike was fucking his mouth. Soon, I had slipped off my clothes, revealing my perky tits.

“What’s next?” Ben asked.

I didn’t disappoint. I went to the bed, spread my legs.

“Come here.“I pushed Bens head between my legs and he immediately began eating my pussy, which was already wet. He was on his knees, having forgotten about Mike or his attire. He was enjoying that, but then he felt a set of strong hands pulling down the panties he was wearing. He felt Mike’s tongue licking his hole and he shivered as Mike did so. His tongue was so hot. As Ben continued to eat my pussy, Mike licked him no one had before. Soon, he was so ready for anything.

Suddenly, Ben could feel a lubed cock was rubbing against him. As he tried to maintain concentration on me, Mike was rubbing his cock up and down his ass. Suddenly, Mike grabbed his hips and pushed his cock inside He pushed in a little and Ben moaned. More and more, he pushed himself into him. Ben yelled out, first in pain, as he finally buried his cock deep in his ass. Suddenly, Ben was moaning with pleasure. Mike was fucking him and it was better than the strap-on used on me. It was hot.

Mike was not gentle. He pushed his hot cock in and out of Ben. His thrusts were so painful and pleasurable. Ben soon felt his cock twitch. Mike was getting close. When it finally happened, it was indescribable. Mike was cumming inside him. Ben could feel his hot cum squirting in his ass. Before he could catch his breath, I told him.

“I want your cock now,” I said. He slid into me as I  moaned in pleasure.

I knew nothing could stop him or slow him down. He began to fuck my wet pussy. He arched his back, feeling it coming on. He began to cum and could feel my pussy grab his cock as I came as well.

We were both cumming, laughing and moaning.

Mike was laughing too.