Cam video sessions

2018-12-15 07:33:53


Video sessions


Group Zoom session with other boys  80$ (20 min)

It is your chance to get corrupted by Mommy and her good boys! Have you been dreaming to join my cock fest for a while and become my cock-craving  slut? Now you can stroke with my other boys imagining their cocks on your face and me stroking them. I can also degrade and humiliate you in front of them. Recording of those sessions is optional (only if you want that ) Become my porn star!

Porn buddy session (where I share my screen and choose porn for you  80$ (20 min)

Playing my wheels 80$ (20 min)

Exposure session where I make videos and pictures of you and you complete my tasks or posing, writing and more 80$ (20 min)

During Teamviewer +extra 60$ (120$ total cam and Teamviewer)

Ignoring and feet sessions where my cam is focused on my feet, heels or boots 80$ (20 min)

Locking your chastity (you will need a lockbox and your chastity keys) 80$ (20 min)

To get your code back you will need to pay a buyout of 50$

Other sessions (CEI, JOI, and anything else taking more of my efforts) 100$  (20 min)

Opening only your cam and just my voice is 30$ (10 min) separately or as an addition to Teamviewer, wheels, and other sessions