My customers

2018-12-15 07:33:53

    In our society, we are taught that the only way that a relationship/interaction is genuine is if it ‘goes somewhere’. People forget about appreciating the present, and how utterly exquisite embracing a moment for what it is (rather than what it might lead to) can be.  

If you are my customer, it means that I am agreeing to spend time with you instead of someone else at that particular moment. If you are my regular customer, it is likely that I think of you from time to time in my ‘other’ life and often with great fondness. Don’t ever make the mistake of undermining any experience by telling yourself that it is not real. Yes, it’s true that you and I will not be married or grow old together in any conventional sense. But in playing together; in having that electric connection that comes with a BDSM interaction, we will both leave a lasting impression on the other, however slight or significant that might turn out to be.