My shows


  Here are some of my favorite games:

Have you ever tasted your own cum? I bet it is one of your secret desires.

Go ahead, you will please me and satisfy your slutty cravings!

Lick all that jizz of yours up and swallow it.
I can't believe that you actually pulled that small dick out of your pants in front of me.

How dare you think that your tiny cock can satisfy me?

I love my men big, stretching my every hole.

Yeah I know you want me bad but you can't have me.

What you can do is stroke your dick for me.

Your dick gets hard when you look at my body, doesn't it?  


My ass never fails to make you hard, I love to feel how powerless you get.


FOOT WORSHIP  I love to get you addicted to my soles, make you slowly

lick my toes and enjoy worshipping My beautiful feet.


CBT  cock and ball torture

Chastity/orgasm control

You know you need a woman to take control over your dick and orgasms. 


POPPERS  you crave being My nasty little slut, and you get so playful when

being under the influence of poppers. Enjoy being Mine, under My spell,

all dirty, kinky and slutty for Me

Have you been a bad boy and need to be punished?

Let's see how red your ass can get!

NIPPLE TORMENT your nipples were made to be tormented however I want.

How much pain you can take for Me?

PUPPY PLAY / TRAINING Do you wanna be my dog, pig, horse

or something else?

SENSUAL DOMINATION seduction, teasing, feathers, blindfolds


I love choosing your outfits, dressing you up,

teaching you how to do your makeup just right.

If you’re going to be my slut you will have to look good!

I’ll make you into the  

sexy little cock sucking whore for my amusement.


Taste my spit in your mouth and all over your face.

Strap-on Training, SLUT TRAINING 
It's time for you to feel like a real slut you always craved to be. I will get you ready

to be penetrated & pounded by my strap-on.

TEASING AND DENIAL I love how frustrated you get when you see my nipples

are hard and you realize that my pussy is wet and swollen, you see how incredibly

horny I am and you have no permission to cum,

I will edge as long as it pleases me.

VERBAL DOMINATION  stripping away your dignity

WAX PLAY dripping hot wax on various parts of your body. 

ROLEPLAYING  Lots of possibilities here and my fantasy goes wild! Your 

sister, mom, teacher, cheer leader, prisoner, delivery girl and much more!

CUCKOLDING  Do you think I am all dressed up and excited for you?

No darling, we are waiting for my new friends and you

are not allowed to leave the house, you will be part of the fun.

Coerced bi I can't wait to see the look on your face when

I bring another man over and watch you suck his dick

for hours and get pounded in the ass finally as a dirty slut.

Bisexuality Trust Me, there's nothing like letting someone who

truly won't judge you,take you even further down the rabbit hole.

Sharing a cock  Maybe you can fuck my tight pulsating pussy,

under one condition. You get to suck dick with me first .

I know boys know exactly how it feels best. We can both get on our

knees and lick that fat cock. I will push your head on that hard cock and

make you choke on it.

Lingerie fetish/ stockings fetish 
Shoes model/dangling 

PORN BUDDY Let's watch kinky, hot, perverted and my own porn together!