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                                                                         My rates and sessions


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                                                                      My favorite sessions

Teamviewer session  

10 min 30$ 20 min 60$ +30$ extra for voice

More Teamviewer games and options here:

!Exposure New Updated Options!

Telegram Exposure  - 30$ and adding to my group for free

Exposure on Twitter -30$ 

More platforms and my own exposure website!


Making creative stickers we use in groups or/and collages with writings - 30$

Audio sessions 30$ for 10 minutes

Texting no pictures 20$ 10 minutes (any platform but I prefer Telegram ) can include slave tasks 

according to your limits or discussion about other sessions.

Texting with gay pictures and my audios 15 minutes 30$ (only on Telegram)

Texting with my own pictures, audios, and videos 20 min 60$

Public chatting, humiliation, feeding you porn and sexy guys' pictures in front of everybody 10 min  30$ (I will add you to one group FOR FREE)

Adding you to two chats of your choice  20$

more about those chats and NEW!


Transformation program: starting 160$ per week

Task wheels   20$ one spin


So to take part in those fun sessions Add me on Telegram

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I am always available for the sessions above. 

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                                                    Other sessions

Ask about my availability for sessions below (not camming or filming custom videos every day )

Custom videos/Dick rating videos

from 60$ (6$ per minute ) 

CAM  sessions all info here

More about ALL available sessions here:






 If you cannot open those tables, go here:


When you contact me I want you to answer those 4 questions when approaching me, preferably in one message  :

1  What payment method you will be using: Onlyfans, Spankpay, Bitcoin, iWantclips, etc?

2  How long session do you want? Is it a cam session, TeamViewer session, texting, texting with pics, or a custom video? What website did you find me on?

3 List what you want to be included in it and I will tell you if I am able to do that session now and what will be the price. 

4 Do you want a session now? If not you still can book it but you have to pay half of its price prior to discussing it.

         After your payment

We may discuss your limits, preferences, and other details about the session,

The best way to contact me and get all my updates is to add me on Telegram @Lesles5

and join my channel         


                                                                Ways to pay me


1. NEW! Pay me with Spankpay (Crypto and fiat)!

You get a 10% discount if you use it

2. Pay me with Onlyfans! 

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Bitnovo voucher is only for payments from 50 euro and higher! If you wanna tip 20$ for example, choose Onlyfans instead.

More info and screenshots about all alternative payment methods:


Join this website for 29.95 $ to watch all 30 videos! I will add more videos soon too!