Following my rules and approaching me respectfully will keep you from being ignored or blocked.


  When you contact me I want you to answer those 3 questions in one message :

How long session do you want? Is it a cam session, TeamViewer session, texting, texting with pics or a custom video? What website did you find me on?

List what you want to be included in it ( for example outfits, cam angles, nudity or CFNM,

activities you want me to do, ) and I will tell you if I am able to do that session now and what will be the price. 

Some additional costs or discounts may apply so I need to know EXACTLY the duration and what activities you expect from me.

3 Do you want a session now? If not you still can book it but you have to pay half of its price. 

After you agree on a price you need to pay.

 After your payment, we may discuss your limits, preferences and other details about the session,

safe words, etc. 


  -The session type cannot be changed in the middle of the session.

 -If you fail to provide this simple info and just text me useless messages like hi, hru, what are you up to , what do you like to do in shows,

what are you wearing what can you do with Teamviewer and other most common timewaster questions that shows no respect to my time, I will most likely ignore them or answer  last of all.

  -I also do not do free previews or pics. Don't ask about Paypal if you come to me for the first time. I do not accept any gift cards as payment, only as a gift

  -I do not have venmo, cashapp, circle etc, all my payment methods are listed on my website, only Indiebill, CMD, Unblur, and Bitcoin.

 -If this is exposure, Teamviewer or blackmail session initial tribute is still required, I do not start anything before being paid. We though may have a draining session if you want

  -I treat my customers with respect and consent is very important in any BDSM activity, I expect the same in return.

After paying for a session you can fill in BDSM checklist if you really love to go into details and I will read it before the session  Kik/Telegram @Lesles999  if you agree to my rules and have read them, with answers to my questions. My telegram group for Teamviewer domination http://