The program TeamViewer allows you to connect to another person's PC and control it. You have full access to their keyboard and mouse, you can see what's on their screen, lock their input (they can't use their own keyboard or mouse while you can), make their screen black, and more. Some of the settings for TeamViewer allow the person controlling your PC to enable 24/7 access (as long as the PC is on), disable closing TeamViewer, and of course locking these options so you can't change them. In essence, when I’m connected to a computer via Teamviewer it’s almost like I’m sitting in front of that computer, doing and controlling whatever I want. It is free to use and download for personal use. (
       So, why is this a beneficial tool for online domination? Firstly, it is very useful when you have a fully owned slave. I can log on, check their chat logs, email, make sure they haven’t been downloading anything against My will, looking at webpages of other Dommes, etc. I can hop on anytime I want when the computer is fully owned by Me. 
       Nextly, this is online domination – what better way to dominate someone online than through their computer? If I want to really scare a slave, I can blackscreen them. This is when the computer screen goes completely black on their end, while I can still see the desktop and do whatever I please while the slave has no idea what is going on.
       It can be used in a large variety of ways but is certainly not for everyone. It is always important before you’re doing a teamviewer session to first make sure that the Domme is someone that can be trusted.To feel truly powerless, submissives will allow a Domme to take over their computer. It's very different from the traditional view of BDSM (leather whips etc.) and is not a physical submission or abuse. But it is a submission of control all the same ... it's a feeling of helplessness most are looking for. 


- Full PC Lockdown:  A full PC lockdown would allow me to prevent you from deleting Teamviewer by changing your account to a standard user, and making myself an Admin account on your PC

- Parental Controls (Qustodio): Qustodio is an app that allows me to monitor web browsing, restrict sites, and block access to the web altogether if I want. It also works on mobile and can be controlled remotely via a web portal.


- GPS Tracking: Using Qustodio app I will be aware of your location. 

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