1 Check all my contacts and chats (especially Telegram which I use the most for its unique features for content sharing, stickers, audios, and much more, plus zero censorship!) and add me on my platforms

2 Choose your level! Also here if you cannot open this picture 


  3 Chose your additional activity! (if not listed in the level)


Teamviewer (all activities!)


1 Socializing   

1.1 adding you to my  Telegram groups and chats
     where we discuss each other nudes, exposure, porn, actual questions about

     bisexuality cuckolding and just hang out

1.2 messaging  there
1.3 making your dating accounts on Tinder and Grinder (bi and gay)
1.4 messaging people there


2 Locking

2.1 permanent password for me on Teamviewer
2.2 Admin rights
2.3 Parental control (can block porn or any websites)
2.4 Keylogger
Buyout fee 50$

3 Collecting 
3.1screenshots/links of your  social media
3.2personal information
3.3 contacts
3.4 transferring your media to me 
3.5 location


4 Exposure (can be deleted)
4.1 Exposure on my Telegram channel (location and personal info optional)with forwarding other big groups
4.2 Exposure on my other platforms ( Twitter, Discord pornsites etc)
4.3 Discussing you in my Telegram groups, sending your media there or putting you there on cam/voice for all
4.4 Posting on your social media 
4.5 sending your slutty info and sending your location to random people on dating apps
4.6  sending your slutty info to your contacts

5 Draining (you name max amount)

6 Task wheels (max 3 for 20 min session)


B for black screen  I for blocking inputs P for watching porn (free)


Teamviewer session for each 20 min - 60$ (+30$ for voice) (minimum session is 10 min for 30$)

The best and fastest way to contact me: Telegram  or @Lesles5  Download Telegram  


   The program TeamViewer allows you to connect to another person's PC and control it. You have full access to their keyboard and mouse, you can see what's on their screen, lock their input (they can't use their own keyboard or mouse while you can), make their screen black, and more. Some of the settings for TeamViewer allow the person controlling your PC to enable 24/7 access (as long as the PC is on), disable closing TeamViewer, and of course locking these options so you can't change them. In essence, when I’m connected to a computer via Teamviewer it’s almost like I’m sitting in front of that computer, doing and controlling whatever I want. It is free to use and download for personal use. (  For phones download 

 I do not work with iPhones! If you have only an iPhone choose another session, not Teamviewer (see blog  for Texting, audio, exposure, and adding to groups sessions)



- Full PC Lockdown:  A full PC lockdown would allow me to prevent you from deleting Teamviewer by changing your account to a standard user, and making myself an Admin account on your PC

- Parental Controls (Qustodio): Qustodio is an app that allows me to monitor web browsing, restrict sites, and block access to the web altogether if I want. It also works on mobile and can be controlled remotely via a web portal.

-Keylogger I will get screenshots of your devices and also know all you type, see all your chats, and more


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